Highway Truck Accidents

Federal trucking laws and regulations require all trucking companies and drivers engaged in commercial transportation on interstate highways to fully secure loads, inspect and maintain vehicles, limit hours behind the wheel, keep proper log books, and more. Yet highway trucking accidents continue to result in serious injury and fatal truck accidents from tire blowouts, falling debris and more.

For victims and their families, it is frustrating to learn that many of these highway accidents could have been easily avoided. The personal injury accident attorneys of Warren & Kallianos , PLLC, in Charlotte can help clients find the rightful compensation they deserve following a truck crash on freeways throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. Contact a highway accident attorney online or call 704-377-7777 for experienced representation.

Handling All Types of North Carolina Highway Trucking Accidents

Our truck accident attorneys have over 46 years of combined experience handling all types of truck collisions on interstate and state highways, involving:

  • 18-wheelers and cars, SUVs or motorcycles
  • Jackknife accidents
  • Truck rollovers
  • Multi-vehicle pileups
  • Load shifts or spills
  • High speed tire blowouts or break failures
  • Crashes due to wet or icy highway conditions
  • Truck wrecks in highway construction zones

Many truck accidents on area freeways are due to equipment or debris falling off of flatbed trailers or out of delivery trucks, construction vehicles, garbage trucks, and other commercial vehicles. Unsecured loads from construction materials and timber, to oversized equipment and other potentially dangerous items can spill onto roads when truck drivers swerve to avoid obstacles or make sudden lane changes.

Negligent truck maintenance can result in faulty vehicle parts, from brake failure to semi truck parts falling off vehicles in transit. In all freeway truck accident causes, our truck injury and wrongful death attorneys know how to hold those responsible, accountable for their consequences of their negligent actions.

Fighting Hard for Full Compensation

Dangers from trucks on area highways can leave victims and their families facing years of life-changing damages. Our firm understands our clients' concerns. We conduct our own meticulous investigations, working diligently with experts to help you find full compensation from truck drivers, the companies they work for and the insurance carries who cover them. We also handle third party claims against truck part manufacturers when defective products contribute to a truck crash.

Contact our highway accident lawyers at Warren & Kallianos, PLLC, today for a FREE CONSULTATION. Offering over 46 years of combined legal experience, our firm works hard to get the compensation our trucking accident clients deserve. Please call us at 704-377-7777.