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When most Charlotte residents think of “workplace accidents,” they imagine catastrophic injuries that take place on construction sites or in heavy industry. Although these workplace accidents are devastating and all too common, they’re not the only kind of accidents that can cause severe injuries or death. People can be hurt in any type of workplace – and when they are, workers’ compensation is usually available. In some situations, victims of on-the-job accidents may be able to seek additional compensation through a third-party claim against a non-employer or other person who caused the accident.

If you’ve been hurt on the job, your first stop may have been the emergency room. But your next call should be to the respected North Carolina workplace accident lawyers at Warren & Kallianos. We have spent decades representing workers who were injured suddenly in accidents or were hurt over time through repetitive motions or exposure to toxic materials at work. Our accomplished attorneys have secured millions of dollars in work injury settlements and verdicts for injured workers, making us members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Our respected legal skills have also garnered us recognition in listings such as Super Lawyers, the Best Lawyers in America, and the Top 100 Trial Lawyers.

If you are struggling to get back on your feet after a workplace injury, contact Warren & Kallianos today. Call us for a free, confidential consultation, or send us an inquiry online.

Why You Need Our On the Job Injury Lawyers on Your Side After a Workplace Accident

After you’ve suffered a workplace accident, the attorneys at Warren & Kallianos will act quickly to make sure you know your rights and to start the process of pursuing the compensation you deserve. Law firm partners Jeff Warren and Chris Kallianos have more than 52 years of combined legal experience, and we take pride in the personalized attention we are able to give each client.

When you meet with us for a free case consultation, we will ask a few questions to help identify how we may be able to help you. These may include:

  • Did your supervisor say your injury at work is not covered by workers’ compensation insurance? Most employers in North Carolina are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. If you were told otherwise, or if it was implied that your injury wouldn’t be covered, we will investigate and determine your best options for pursuing compensation.
  • Was your injury caused by unsafe equipment? If a defective product caused or contributed to your workplace injury, you may be able to seek compensation from the product’s maker or designer. Our attorneys will investigate your accident to find out whether faulty equipment was to blame for your injuries.
  • Are your work related injuries from something other than a sudden accident? Workers’ compensation coverage is not just for what people traditionally think of as workplace accidents. It can also apply to workplace injuries that build up over time, such as repetitive stress injuries (a bad back or carpal tunnel syndrome, for example) or sickness caused by breathing in toxic fumes or harmful substances.
  • Are you concerned that your employer will fire you for filing a workers’ comp claim? It is illegal in North Carolina for your employer to retaliate against you for filing a workers’ compensation claim. If you are worried that you may be fired for pursuing compensation, talk about your concerns with our workers’ compensation lawyers. We are here to protect your rights.

What If I’m Injured on the Job, But Not at My Workplace?

The label “workplace injuries” can be misleading. It sounds as if these injuries only “count” as work injuries if they take place at your employer’s place of business.

In fact, any injury you suffer while doing your regular job tasks may be covered by workers’ compensation, even if it does not take place at your employer’s address. For example, if you are injured in a wreck while making a delivery in your job as a delivery driver, your medical bills and many other expenses should be covered by workers’ compensation. Construction workers who work for subcontractors may be covered by their own employer’s workers’ compensation insurance and by insurance held by the general contractor.

What if Someone Other than an Employer or Co-Worker is Responsible for My Injuries?

In many work injury cases, your employer or a co-worker was clearly careless in a way that led to your harm. In other cases, though, the careless person who caused the harm isn’t someone with whom you work. For instance, you may be hurt in a car accident caused by another driver while you are running work-related errands as part of your work as an office manager. Or you may be injured when a defective piece of equipment, made and designed by an outside company, malfunctions.

In cases like these, you can still seek workers’ compensation coverage for your injuries. Workers’ compensation covers injuries by accidents suffered by employees on the job, generally no matter what caused the harm. In addition to a workers’ comp claim, you may also have a claim against the person or company that actually caused your injuries. These are known as third-party claims because they involve someone who is not your employer.

If you suspect you may have a third-party claim, talk to attorneys who have a broad range of knowledge about personal injury matters, including cases involving car accidents, premises liability, and products liability. At Warren & Kallianos, our lawyers understand how third-party claims interact with workers’ compensation claims, and we will fight to pursue all the compensation to which you are entitled.

Common Causes of Workplace Accidents

Any workplace accident can cause injuries, but some workplace accidents are more common than others. Here are some of the major causes of accidents in the workplace:

  • Falls
    Falling from a height such as scaffolding or a ladder can cause severe injury or death. A slip-and-fall on a floor covered with water, oil, grease, clutter, or other substances can also cause severe harm. Both types of falls are among the most common kinds of workplace accidents. Severe traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and other harm can result.
  • Falling Objects
    Any item falling from a height or tipping over can hurt someone. This includes not only loads at construction sites, but items like boxes or equipment falling off shelves, filing cabinets tipping over, and similar injury risks. Even workers in seemingly safe workplaces like offices and stores are vulnerable.
  • Equipment-Related Injuries
    Defective equipment can cause serious harm to any worker who uses it. Often, a defect in a tool or piece of equipment is hidden — so no one knows it is present until after a serious injury occurs. When defective tools or equipment, including safety equipment, cause harm, workers may be able to bring a claim against the item’s manufacturer or designer, in addition to seeking help from workers’ compensation.
  • Repetitive Stress and Other Overuse/Overwork Injuries
    Not all workplace injuries are caused by a single identifiable “accident.” Instead, performing the same activities over and over can cause joint, nerve, and tissue damage to build up over time. For instance, repeated heavy lifting may cause back injuries, while days spent typing at a keyboard might result in carpal tunnel syndrome. These on-the-job injuries are also covered by workers’ compensation in many work injury cases, even though they are not caused by any single “accident.”

When Winning Means Everything, the Workers Compensation Attorneys You Choose Will Make the Difference

With more than a half century of combined legal experience, attorneys Jeff Warren and Chris Kallianos won’t leave your case in the hands of support staff or inexperienced attorneys. We work directly with our clients to ensure that we build the strongest possible case on your behalf.

* Some of our accomplishments in handling workers’ compensation and third-party workplace injury cases for our clients include:

  • $4,000,000 for a client who suffered catastrophic injuries from an arc flash explosion when a third-party failed to follow electrical safety protocols in connection with work on its energized electrical panel.
  • $1,550,000 for a client who suffered severe burns and electrical injuries over 22% of his body when a light pole he was working on touched a high-voltage overhead power line.
  • $1,539,000 jury verdict for a client who suffered bilateral shoulder injuries in a fall from a loading dock.
  • $1,120,000 jury verdict for a client who suffered severe crush injuries in a crane collapse accident.
  • $300,000 workers’ compensation settlement for a client who acquired a severe infection during his treatment for a work-related knee injury.
  • $275,000 workers’ compensation settlement for a client who was injured in an electrocution accident while working at his job as an electrician.
  • $250,000 workers’ compensation settlement for a client who needed surgery for neck and back injuries after a car accident during his work as a traveling salesperson.
  • $225,000 workers’ compensation settlement for a client who suffered brain and orthopedic injuries in a construction site fall.

We consider ourselves successful when our clients are satisfied with the verdicts and settlements we secure for them. Find out how we will put our legal skills to work for you by calling or filling out our online contact form. We will review your claim for free, with no strings attached.

* The verdicts and settlements set forth below were obtained by our law firm from 1992 to the present. In most cases, liability and/or damages were contested, the adverse parties were represented by counsel, and the matters involved complex factual and/or legal issues. All verdicts obtained were collected. These cases are illustrative of the matters handled by our firm and not all case results are provided. The case results depend on a variety of factors unique to each case. Please note that prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. 
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