Everyone makes mistakes. This is a phrase often spoken and heard in conversation. However, when doctors or medical professionals make a mistake it isn’t always classified as a simple mistake. If a doctor makes a mistake it can qualify for a medical malpractice suit. As an experienced personal injury firm, Warren & Kallianos, PLLC knows the difference between a simple mistake and a medical malpractice claim.

There are many operating errors, medical diagnosis and medical treatment plans determined by doctors and hospital personnel that can result in a personal injury to you or a loved one. Failure to diagnose is a big one that results in harm due to inability to treat the actual ailment or condition or negative side-effects due to treating for a condition that did not actually exist.

The malpractice can occur on one occasion, such as surgery, or over a period of time such as a cancer treatment over many weeks or months. No two medical malpractice claims are the same and require a great deal of medical background and legal research to fully understand the complexities.

Our Charlotte based attorneys understand that legal and medical skills and expertise are important but so is compassion. Our thoughtful staff will ensure that we are patient and forthcoming during this difficult time. We are here to ensure that this is a smooth of process as possible and will work to minimize the stress put on people and their families. Our goal is to recover for any wrongs made knowingly or unknowingly to our clients.

While this misfortune should never have happened; we have every intention of making it right. If people’s rights have been violated, it may be in their best interests to explore their options. Great health is one of the keys to a happy and prolific life. Go after it and recover for a medical malpractice incident that barred people from their healthiest life.

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