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A crash with a tractor-trailer or other large truck is every driver’s worst nightmare. The reason is simple. When a heavy truck collides with a small passenger vehicle, the outcome will likely be catastrophic – particularly for the people in the smaller vehicle.

Truck accidents are tragically common in Mecklenburg County and the rest of the region. Part of the reason is that Charlotte is an important trucking hub that lies at the intersection of two major trucking routes – Interstate 77 and Interstate 85. Tractor-trailers and other heavy trucks mix with commuter traffic on I-77 and I-85, as well as other major roads such as I-485, I-277 and U.S. 74.

If you have been hurt in a car crash with a truck – or lost a close relative in one – you know all too well just how dangerous truck accidents can be. While you are trying to recover from your injuries or your loss, you are probably worried about paying the bills and taking care of your family. You need help getting the compensation you deserve.

The Charlotte personal injury attorneys at Warren & Kallianos have the knowledge and resources necessary to tackle complex truck accident claims – and win. In fact, during our more than 52 years of combined legal practice, we have earned a reputation for securing large verdicts and truck accident settlements for victims in the Charlotte area and elsewhere in North Carolina, South Carolina and across the country.

Our attorneys have been recognized as Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers in America, members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and listed among the Top 100 Trial Lawyers, among other honors.

Why You Need Warren & Kallianos Tractor Trailer Accident Attorneys on Your Side

Are you ready to talk to an experienced truck wreck attorney in Charlotte about your legal options after a truck accident? At Warren & Kallianos, we are ready to discuss your situation whenever you are. Contact us online or by phone now for a free and confidential claim review and advice about your legal options.

When winning means everything, the lawyers you choose will make the difference. When you choose Warren & Kallianos, you can be assured that you will work directly with attorneys who have a proven track record of success with truck accident claims. You can trust Chris and Jeff to put in the effort required to help you secure a positive outcome in your truck accident case.

Studies show time and again that accident victims fare better financially when they get help from a lawyer than when they try to take on their case alone. Examples of how our firm can help you recover financially and physically after a semi-truck accident include:

  • Thoroughly investigating all aspects of the truck accident to discover what really happened and all parties that should be held responsible for the crash, including the trucking company, the owner of the cargo, the company responsible for maintaining the truck or a manufacturer of a defective part, for example.
  • Uncovering all potential insurance coverage, including policies held by various responsible parties and coverage under your own auto policy such as MedPay and UM/UIM coverage.
  • Consulting with leading experts in fields including accident reconstruction, medicine, life-care planning, economics and others. Experts like these can help us prove the true cause of the accident, the severity of your injuries, your economic losses and other important issues.
  • Communicating with the insurance companies on your behalf.
  • Aggressively pursuing truck accident settlement negotiations with the defendants and their insurers.
  • Preparing your case for trial and ensuring that all deadlines are met.
  • Presenting a persuasive case in court if the insurance companies refuse to make reasonable settlement offers.
  • Resolving any liens on your compensation to make sure you can recover as much money as possible.

It’s natural to be worried about how to pay for a truck wreck attorney to represent you against those responsible for the truck accident that caused your injuries. At Warren & Kallianos, we ease those concerns. That’s because we charge no legal fees unless and until we successfully recover compensation for you. At that time, the fees will be deducted from your recovery based on an agreed-upon percentage. You will never be left with a legal bill.

Trucking Accidents

Compensation Available in Truck Accident Claims

Due to the size and weight of tractor-trailers and other heavy trucks, they often produce
serious injuries when involved in a crash. Victims of a truck accident may be entitled
to several types of compensation for their losses.

While each case is unique and the total amount of compensation is affected by a number of factors, some of the kinds of compensation that a truck accident victim may recover include payment for:

  • Medical costs related to the accident, including the cost of rehabilitation and future medical care.
  • Lost earnings due to injuries sustained in the crash.
  • Reduced future earnings due to ongoing impairments or an inability to return to work.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Vehicle repair or replacement, including the cost of a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired.
  • Punitive damages in exceptional cases.

Fatalities are a tragic result of many truck accidents. In these situations, the surviving close relatives may be entitled to bring a wrongful death action to recover money to pay for funeral and burial costs, medical bills, lost earnings of the love one, pain and suffering, loss of companionship and other losses.

A Track Record of Success with Truck Accident Cases

The Charlotte truck accident lawyers at Warren & Kallianos have handled a large number of commercial motor vehicle cases. We are prepared to answer all your questions and advise you about your legal options.

If you have a valid claim, we have the resources and knowledge to fight for your right to maximum compensation for your losses. We are proud of our track record of getting results in truck accident cases. * Examples of our verdicts and settlements include:



Trucking Accident, Wrongful Death – Settlement for client whose wife and unborn child died when their vehicle was hit head on by a dump truck that negligently crossed the centerline of the roadway.


Settlement for clients injured in a collision with a dump truck that turned in front of clients’ vehicle. The trucking company was sued for, among other things, negligent hiring and retention of the dump truck driver.


Settlement for client who sustained a severe hip injury in a head-on collision with a tractor-trailer.


Settlement for client who suffered a leg amputation in a collision with a tractor-trailer. Settlement included payment of all available insurance coverage.


Settlement for client who sustained a left arm nerve injury in a collision with a tractor-trailer.


Settlement for client who sustained lower extremity fractures when her legs were run over by the rear wheel of a tractor trailer. Client was riding a motorcycle and laid down her motorcycle to avoid colliding into a tractor-trailer that negligently moved into her lane of travel.


Settlement for client whose tractor trailer careened off a bridge after being struck by another vehicle that came into his lane of travel. Client sustained a brain injury and multiple orthopedic injuries.


Settlement for client who sustained a head injury in a T-bone accident with a commercial motor vehicle.


Settlement for client who sustained multiple injuries when his vehicle was rear ended on the interstate by a tractor trailer.


Settlement for client who suffered a shoulder injury requiring surgery due to a collision with a tractor-trailer.


Settlement for client who sustained a back injury in collision with a dump truck while riding his motorcycle.

To find out about more of our firm’s verdicts and settlements in truck accident cases.

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Violations of Safety Regulations Often
Play a Role in Truck Accidents

Because of the danger of operating commercial motor vehicles, both state and federal laws set standards and requirements relating to their operation. In many instances, accidents can be linked to the failure of the driver and/or the trucking company to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

It is important to select a law firm that is familiar with the applicable laws and regulations, such as:

  • Hours of service regulations that limit the number of hours a commercial motor vehicle driver can drive without a break.
  • Licensing, training and qualifications of the driver.
  • Oversight and supervision of the driver.
  • Ensuring that cargo is properly loaded and secured.
  • Maintenance and repair of the commercial motor vehicle.

Most truckers are under extreme pressure from their employers and shippers to deliver loads on time. They also face economic pressure to get in as many miles as possible, because most drivers are paid by the mile not by the hour. This can lead to many dangerous practices such as speeding, reckless driving, driving while overly tired and abuse of legal or illicit drugs in an effort to stay awake.

Trucking Accidents

Truck Accidents Are Different

Over our decades of helping truck accident victims, the attorneys at Warren & Kallianos have often seen how much more complex truck accidents can be when compared to most crashes that involve only passenger cars. There are many reasons for this, such as:

HIGHER STAKES: Crashes that involve an 18-wheeler or other heavy commercial vehicle frequently cause more serious injuries than those that involve only cars. Because of this, trucks typically carry insurance coverage with higher limits. This means that more money is on the line and insurance companies want to pay out as little as possible.

MORE PARTIES INVOLVED: Truck accident claims often involve more than just the drivers who were in the crash. Examples of other potential defendants include the trucking company, the shipper, the company that owns the cargo, and the company responsible for repairing and maintaining the truck, among others. The tractor and the trailer may be owned or leased by different companies or individuals, each with their own insurance. The cargo may also be separately insured.

REGULATIONS: Truck drivers and the companies that employ them are more heavily regulated than other motorists. This makes it critical to work with a personal injury lawyer who understands trucking regulations and can look for violations that could establish liability.

MORE DATA: In many cases, there is more relevant data about trucking accidents that may be useful when bringing a claim – if the attorneys and investigators know where to look and what to do with the information. For example, many heavy trucks are equipped with data recorders similar to the “black boxes” that are so critical in airline crash investigations. These data recorders may contain important information about how the truck was being driven at the time of the crash. How fast was it going? Did the driver apply the brakes? Another potentially important source of information is the driver’s log. Truckers are required to log their time on the road to comply with hours of service regulations. The logs – and any discrepancies they may contain – could be evidence of driver fatigue, for example.

As with other cases, accidents involving commercial motor vehicles require immediate investigation into the facts and circumstances of the accident as well as expert testimony to demonstrate how the accident occurred and the nature and extent of the injuries caused by the accident. The trucking company and its insurance carrier will have its investigators and attorneys working the case as soon as possible. Don’t wait to contact Warren & Kallianos.

Warren & Kallianos has the experience and resources to properly investigate and handle all types of commercial motor vehicle claims. If you have been injured in a trucking accident, contact us to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

* The verdicts and settlements set forth below were obtained by our law firm from 1992 to the present.  In most cases, liability and/or damages were contested, the adverse parties were represented by counsel, and the matters involved complex factual and/or legal issues. All verdicts obtained were collected. These cases are illustrative of the matters handled by our firm and not all case results are provided.  The case results depend on a variety of factors unique to each case.  Please note that prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. 
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