Injured Charlotte Nursing Home Residents Have Rights

The elderly deserve our respect and attention. Many of them also require special medical care or assistance to help them with day-to-day activities. For this reason, many Charlotte families come to the decision to place a beloved elderly relative in a nursing home or assisted living home to help him or her get help with his or her day-to-day life. Depending on the facility, the home can also serve as a way to administer medical care or to oversee medication allocation.

However, a sad reality of these nursing homes and assisted care facilities is that some residents fall victim to nursing home neglect. Nursing home neglect can happen in many ways. Sometimes, it is a one-time occurrence like not properly supporting a resident and thereby causing a fall. It can also happen over a period of time when caregivers improperly medicate residents or fail to provide proper daily care.

At Warren & Kallianos, PLLC, we understand the terrible situation a beloved family member faces if he or she has the misfortune of being victimized by nursing home neglect. Whether suffering from a fall, malnutrition, medication error or other problems, your loved one has rights. Care facilities must abide by strict North Carolina regulations, but each resident cannot be overlooked by the law. It is often the responsibility of family and friends to look for signs of abuse and to take action to address this situation immediately. Contacting an attorney to investigate any claim of nursing home neglect is always a good first step to ensure your loved one is receiving the care he or she deserves.