Why Trucks Have “Caution: Wide Turn” Warnings

 Why Trucks Have “Caution: Wide Turn” WarningsTrucking accidents happen for many different reasons. Drivers are too tired to drive. The cargo may not be secured. Many truck companies pressure their drivers to drive too fast. Drivers can be easily distracted.

When trucks collide with cars, the cars can be easily crushed. Cars are simply no match for the size, weight and dimensions of trucks. Truck drivers should understand how deadly truck accidents are when cars are involved. Drivers need to understand that trucks are difficult to navigate and take other precautions.

One danger that trucks present is that trucks make very wide turns. Drivers should be trained on how to make intersection turns. They should be on the constant look-out for cars that are too close and warn the cars with their horn or lights.

The ways wide-turn accidents happen

There are three types of turns, truck drivers can make. Each one presents its own dangers of a truck accident. Drivers of big rigs, 18-wheelers, semis, and other commercial trucks should be held accountable for wrongful death and personal injury if they negligently collide with another vehicle. Trucks making any type of turn must navigate a very wide radius, so the rear of the truck can follow the cab:

  • Left-hand turns. Drivers often need to try to veer into another lane in order to make this kind of turn. Left-hand turns are especially dangerous because they cross multiple lands of traffic. Truck drivers need to make sure they have enough room and enough time to make the left-hand turn.
  • Right-hand turns. Many drivers think they’re safe if they are positioned to the right of a truck – after all, what could be safer than making a right-hand turn? Many states allow right-hand turns while the traffic light is red. Unfortunately, trucks that don’t maneuver to the left as much as possible when turning right can easily pin and crush a vehicle that is to the right of the truck at the intersection.
  • U-turns. U-turns are forbidden at most intersections. Even when traffic laws permit a U-turns, trucks should avoid making a U-turn virtually all the time. It’s better to turn into an open lot or to make multiple single turns than to make a U-turn.

Is the truck driver liable for my injuries?

When truck drivers cause accidents due to wide turns, they can be held liable if:

  • They did not make the turn carefully
  • Did not look out for and/or warn nearby drivers on both sides of the truck
  • Failed to check their blind spots
  • Didn’t wait for opposing traffic to clear
  • Didn’t position their truck so the turn could be made safely


While truck drivers should always be on the lookout for nearby cars, cars should steer away from trucks too – especially if a truck is stopped at an intersection. It’s better to wait and let the truck pass than to try to speed by the truck.

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