The Dangers Lurking at Water Parks in Charlotte

Summertime is almost here, which means fun in the sun. For those who won’t be making the trip to the coast, water parks offer a fun way to cool down. Every year, thousands of locals and tourists alike will spend time splashing away in places like Carowinds or the US National Whitewater Center.

As much fun as they can be, water parks and amusement parks can also be dangerous. With so many people crowded into one place, accidents can and do happen. If your or your child’s injury was caused by negligence on behalf of the park, you have legal options for pursuing compensation.

Common water park-related injuries

Slip and fall injuries are the most common injuries suffered by children and adults in water parks across the country. Your children don’t have to be running in order to slip, fall, and suffer a head injury; all the water on the ground is reason enough. Or, maybe you trip over a cord or other hazard that should not be present. Either way, these injuries can send you to the hospital for tests, surgery and months of rehabilitation.

In some cases, a fall can cause permanent, life-altering harm. Back and neck injuries most often happen when the victim is on a waterslide or riding in an inner tube. These accidents occur when the guest flips over on the slide or even flips over the wall because they are traveling too fast down the slide.

Perhaps the most serious risk is drowning. From 2009 to 2018, there were 725 deaths in North Carolina due to drowning, making the state number six in the country for the most deaths. If you have small children, make sure they are equipped with floatation devices or life jackets (depending on what the park allows), especially if they are in a wave pool.

What if I am from another state?

It’s not uncommon for visitors to Charlotte’s water parks to be from out-of-state. If you or your child has suffered any type of injury while visiting a water park or other tourist attraction, you need to hire a local attorney who knows the legal landscape. Just because you are a vacationer from another state, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a case against the water park. That’s why you need to consult an experienced Charlotte personal injury attorney.

What if I signed a waiver of liability?

Certain attractions require you to sign a waiver of liability, which releases the park from being held accountable for any injuries you sustain. However, these waivers are may not be iron-clad, and in some cases, may prove irrelevant. The same is true if there is a malfunctioning or broken attraction. For example, if there are no signs warning children not to run, then the park may be liable if your child falls and breaks his or her leg. The same is true if the giant slides don’t have protective netting, or if a water feature breaks and the pressure that is released is enough to knock you or your child over. If the park does not provide lifeguards, you might also be able to make a claim.

We want you to have a happy and healthy summer vacation. If you do get hurt, contact Warren & Kallianos, PLLC about your injury. We represent clients throughout North Carolina, and serve as local counsel for out-of-state tourists. Call our office at 704-377-7777 to schedule a free consultation or complete a contact form on the website.


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