Can You Sue the City if You Get Hurt by a Garbage Truck?

No one likes getting stuck behind a garbage truck when maneuvering through the city streets in Charlotte. What’s worse is when you are involved in an accident with a garbage truck. If the accident wasn’t your fault, who is liable? The truck driver? The city? Charlotte provides garbage collection services for its residents, so generally the first place you should look to is the city itself.

Can I take action against the city of Charlotte?

Since the city provides garbage collection, as well as the collection of other materials for its residents and small businesses, the first entity you should consider filing a claim against is the city government. These types of claims can be complicated, so it’s important to speak to an experienced attorney to consider your options.

Can I take action against the truck driver?

Is it possible to also sue the driver of the garbage truck that caused the accident if you also sue the city of Charlotte? This depends on the situation surrounding the crash. For the most part, the driver should be covered by the insurance policy that the city has for its employees. However, if the truck driver was not operating the truck under the scope of their employment, you might be able to take action against the truck driver as well. Also, if the truck driver was impaired by drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash you might also have a case against the truck driver.

What can I receive as compensation?

Filing a personal injury claim after a garbage truck accident can help you secure compensation for damages and losses. This includes your injuries, damage to your vehicle or property, loss of income due to missed time at work, pain and suffering, and medical expenses. If you have suffered life-altering injuries, such as paralysis, you may also recover compensation for your future medical needs (rehabilitation, surgeries, renovations to your home to make it accessible, etc.).

What to do after a garbage truck accident

It’s important how you handle the moments immediately following a truck accident in Charlotte. Don’t leave the scene of the accident, even if it wasn’t your fault, and immediately call 911. This ensures that  police services will be sent to the scene as well as medical services if necessary. Allow the EMTs or paramedics to evaluate you and transport you to the hospital if necessary. The police will be able to investigate the accident and file a report. Document all of the damage to your car, your injuries, and obtain contact information of all parties and witnesses to the accident.

If you were injured in a collision with a city vehicle, like a garbage truck, you are going to want legal counsel. Claims against the government can be a challenge, so put an experienced team of Charlotte truck accident lawyers on your side. Call Warren & Kallianos, PLLC today at 704-377-7777 or complete our contact form at your convenience.




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